How to hack Facebook with ID number?

How to hack Facebook without email?

How to hack Facebook with tel number?

Your target person does not use email to login Facebook, or you dont know the exact email address they used to login to Facebook. Dont worry, we can help you. Just use our "Hack Facebook account with Facebook ID" service and you will get the login with the password within minutes. Follow the steps below:

Get the Facebook ID number

You need to get the Facebook ID number from the target's profile, page or group first. Click on the link below to get it:

Free Tool

Find Facebook ID Number »

There are many tools online which can help you to get the Facebook ID number from a Facebook profile. Just Google it if the link above does not work.

If you are on your phone (iPhone or any Android phone), it's easy to find the target's profile link. Open the target profile, look for the "More" option, click on it and copy the profile link.

Find Facebook profile on your phone

If the target profile is something like this:, then you can see the Facebook ID number already there. It's 339150749455906.

If you see the link like this: then you need to go to the free tool above to find the final Facebook ID number.

Hack Facebook account with Facebook ID number

Now you have the Facebook ID, you can start hacking that Facebook account and get the login email and/or tel number login, with the password, to login to their Facebook account. Visit the menu on top of our site and choose "Hack Facebook ID".

Now enter the Facebook ID number and click the hacking button. At the end of the hacking process, you will get the email address the person used to login to their Facebook account. Next, you copy that email address, visit our menu on the top of our site and click the hacking tool called "Hack Facebook" to start hacking that Facebook account. After all, you will get the needed info to login to your target's Facebook account and start reading their personal secrets including messages, photos, video,...

Please note that the tool "hacking Facebook ID number" is a premium service and part of the Unlimited Hacking Package on our site. You will need to buy the Unlimited Hacking Package in order to hack Facebook ID.

Go to the pricing page to learn more about our Unlimited Package.

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