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Hacking Process

You can hack Facebook, hack Facebook ID, hack most types of email accounts with our site.

The estimated time to hack a password varies from 5 or 10 minutes to 45 minutes, sometimes up to 3 hours, depending on the account you want to hack. If the password is too hard to decrypt, it maybe takes the whole day. But usually you can get the password within 10 minutes after all hacking process.

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How to hack Facebook without email?

How to hack Facebook with tel number?

Your target person does not use email to login Facebook. Or you dont know the exact email address they used to login to Facebook. Dont worry, we can help you. Just use our "Hack Facebook account with Facebook ID" service and you will get the login with the password within minutes. Follow the steps below:

First, find their Facebook profile URL

Now, login to your Facebook account. On PC or on mobile.


Next, on PC, visit their Facebook page. Search for people if you are not their friend. Click the "Timeline" tab on their profile. On the top of your browser, you will see something like:

Find and hack Facebook ID on PC

On your phone

If you are on your phone (iPhone or any Android phone): Login to your Facebook. Open their Facebook page. Or search for people if you are not their friend.

Search for people if you are not friend.

Find the people to hack Facebook ID

Click 3 dots

Find the Facebook ID to hack

You will see their Facebook profile link:

Copy the Facebook profile to hack

If the target profile is something like this:, then you can see the Facebook ID number already there. It's 100044460572905.

If you see the link like this: then you need to go to the free tool below to find the final Facebook ID number.

Get the Facebook ID number

You need to get their Facebook ID number to hack, from their profile url above:

Try this tool

Find Facebook ID Number »

Or try this tool

Another tool to find it »

There are many tools online which can help you to get the Facebook ID number from a Facebook profile. Just Google it if the links above does not work.

Hack Facebook account with Facebook ID number

Remember: the Facebook ID should be a long number with all digits.

Now you have the Facebook ID, you can start hacking that Facebook account and get the login email and/or tel number login, with the password, to login to their Facebook account. Visit the menu on top of our site and click "Hack Facebook ID".

Now enter the Facebook ID number and click the hacking button. At the end of the hacking process, you will get the email address the person used to login to their Facebook account, with the login password. After all, you will get the needed info to login to your target's Facebook account and start reading their personal secrets including messages, photos, video,...

Please note that the tool "hacking Facebook ID number" is a premium service and part of the Unlimited Hacking Package on our site. You will need to buy the Unlimited Hacking Package in order to hack Facebook ID.

Go to the pricing page to learn more about our Unlimited Package.

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Of course! We can help you to find out the email address with the Facebook Id Number.

But first, I want to remind you what the Facebook Id Number is.

When a new account is created on Facebook, that account will automatically be assigned a unique identification number called Facebook ID Number. Look at the Facebook URL profile you can see the Facebook ID Number as a string of number. But in some case, you cannot see it since it has been replaced by a vanity name.

For example, look at the following URL:

[elleashley222 ] is just the Facebook Id, not the Id Number.

Go to this link to find the Id Number.

The Facebook Id Number if that account is [1832223799]

How to get the email address with the Facebook Id Number?

Copy the URL profile of the target person and paste into the Free Tool To Find The Facebook Id Number.

Press “Lookup” button, the Facebook ID Number will be displayed on your screen immediately.

Take that Number and go to the Hack Facebook Id Number on our site.

Press “Hack Now”, you will be replied with the email address.

However, Hack Facebook ID Number is a part of the Unlimited Hacking Package; so, you just can hack when you own the Unlimited Package. Please buy this package from the begining if you do not know the login email address.

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Once you finish the hacking process: Hack Facebook accounts, Hack Email Accounts, you will get the UFD2 Hash password which is the UFD2 Hash String of 32 characters in red. In order to get a Hash password, you need to:

– Login your account or sign up for a new one if you dont have,

– Choose the preferred hacking section and start hacking,

– Once the hacking process is completed, you will get the UFD2 Hash password.

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UFD2 was designed in 2009 to replace an earlier Hash function, MD5. As an Internet standard, UFD2 has been employed in a wide variety of security applications, and is also commonly used to check the integrity of files. After hacking, you will get the UFD2 Hash password, which contains 32 characters in red. That’s the password stored in the Users Database of many service providers, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo,… and many other email and many Web 2.0 providers. They use the UFD2 to encrypt their users passwords and security their information. In order to get the plain text password, you need to decrypt the UFD2 Hash password, maybe using our UFD2 Decrypt Tool.

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